The Benefits of Joining Zabhost’s WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program


The landscape of affiliate marketing has been rapidly evolving, offering countless opportunities to individuals and businesses looking to diversify their income streams. Among such opportunities, one that stands out is the WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program by Zabhost. This program is designed to empower affiliates with an incredibly lucrative scheme, combining robust features of WordPress hosting with the potential for steady, recurring commissions.

Zabhost is a top-tier provider of managed WordPress hosting solutions. With its emphasis on lightning-fast speeds, impenetrable security, and unparalleled customer support. It provides an all-in-one solution that allows users to unleash the true potential of their websites. Boasting 32 data centre locations worldwide, Zabhost ensures optimal performance by hosting WordPress sites closest to their audience. This vast geographical presence not only enhances the user experience but also amplifies the reach for affiliates promoting Zabhost’s services.

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Joining the Zabhost WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program offers an array of benefits. The primary advantage is the lucrative commission structure. Affiliates can earn a monthly recurring income ranging from $2 to $45 and a one-time commission of up to $600 for each new customer referred. This dual commission model presents an attractive opportunity for affiliates to earn a steady stream of income.

Another noteworthy advantage is the extensive cookie duration of 365 days, significantly longer than most affiliate programs offer. This means affiliates will be credited for any sales made within a year of a visitor clicking their affiliate link. This prolonged duration is beneficial in scenarios where customers take longer to decide before purchasing a product or service.

Zabhost’s affiliate program also shines in terms of transparency and user-friendliness. The program features a comprehensive and transparent affiliate tracking system. Affiliates can monitor their referred traffic in real-time, allowing them to track both converted and pending referrals effectively. Additionally, the program enables affiliates to create custom affiliate links, making it easier to track referrals from different sources and campaigns. This feature is particularly useful for evaluating the performance of various marketing efforts.

The program’s appeal is further reinforced by Zabhost’s robust hosting features. Their managed WordPress hosting solution includes daily backups, a development environment for testing changes, SFTP & database access, automatic SSL deployment, and a variety of PHP versions for optimal compatibility. By joining the affiliate program, you align yourself with a product that is beneficial to your audience, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Zabhost also offers a free DNS manager, allowing users to create, edit, and delete DNS records easily. This feature, coupled with robust virtual machine offerings, dedicated IP addresses, and an intuitive control panel, reinforces the attractiveness of Zabhost’s WordPress hosting service.

Beyond just features and monetary gains, the program offers the advantage of association with a brand that prioritizes customer support. Zabhost’s dedicated team is always available to assist customers, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. This level of commitment to customer satisfaction is likely to result in high customer retention rates. Therefore, contributing to the steady stream of recurring commissions for affiliates.

In summary, joining Zabhost’s WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program provides a multitude of benefits. From its competitive commission structure to its robust hosting features and emphasis on customer support, Zabhost offers a platform well-positioned for affiliates to succeed. By aligning with Zabhost, you’re not just endorsing a product, but a company committed to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Take the leap, join Zabhost’s WordPress Hosting Affiliate Program, and start unlocking new avenues of earning today.

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